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My name is Lindzi. Born in Bristol, I moved to Bath in 2013, I now live in the Weston area with my husband and our young son. 

I've run Hound & Horse single-handedly over the last 10 years and it is my intention to keep it that way, remaining an independent business with a personal touch.

My experience with animals has been built upon since a child with various pets, cats, dogs and ponies. I spent most of my childhood on stable/farm yards surrounded by all kinds of animals and it was during this time I discovered being with animals was my 'Happy place'.

Its always been important to me to build committed relationships with animals based on trust and love. Having spent so much time in the company of animals over the years, I truly believe there is so much more to these beautiful creatures than we understand or that meets the eye.   

During my experience as an owner, I discovered, and learned the benefits of a holistic approach to the health & care of animals and witnessed how holistic therapies helped treat cancer and preserve the life of my own dog.  This in addition, to my desire for spiritual connection with the animals that I work with, led me to complete a course in animal communication in 2019. By 2020 I completed level 1 reiki and attended a one-day course on applying reiki to animals. What I learned was fascinating and something I wish to advance in the future.

Prior to Hound & Horse, I trained as an interior designer, before working full time in a Landscape Architects practice in Bristol as a graphics & CAD technician. I ran a couple of small side-line businesses during that time, a cupcake business and a seasonal horse clipping service....they say variety is the spice of life! 

I'd describe myself as a creative person, who can't sit still for long - i've always got multiple projects on the go. In contrast, I have a quiet, calm energy with a positive outlook. I've always described myself as more of an animal person, but since doing this job, I've realised that I'm just as much a people person, I love nothing more than my daily chats with clients, fellow dog walkers, or anyone that I come across on my adventures.


Introducing Hound & Horse handmade dog collars and leads....

As an owner of a Weimaraner, I often found it difficult to find collars in colors that were complimentary to Lola's beautiful color or that were feminine or unique.

Having identified a gap in the market and whilst on maternity leave, I decided to learn how to make dog collars as a creative hobby that led on to being incorporated as part of my business.

Its been a fun learning curve!

All collars and leads are designed and made by me.

You can purchase them here via my Etsy shop:

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