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  • What areas of Bath do you cover/collect from?
    I cover Weston, Newbridge, Lansdown when collecting dogs for dog walking. I cover Weston and Newbridge for pet visits.
  • How long are your walks?
    My walks last 1 hour from the time we hit the field. However, its possible your dog may be with me up to 3 hours. It takes around an hour each way to collect and drop off 6 dogs, plus an hour to walk. Should your dog be first collected and last dropped off it could take 3 hours. If your dog is last collected and first dropped off, they could just be with me for just over an hour. Really depends on location. Don't worry, your dog is in good company and in a comfortable, safe van.
  • When do you walk - times and days?
    I provide my group dog walking service Monday - Thursday 9am-3pm. I take two walks a day. Collecting the morning walk between 9-10am and the lunch time walk is collected between 12-1pm.
  • Do you walk on bank holidays?
    I don't walk dogs on Fridays, weekends, bank holidays, over Christmas or Easter. I am available to feed cats 7 days a week between 9 - 6pm. Regular clients are notified of any holidays I will be taking with at least two weeks notice.
  • How many dogs to you take on each walk?
    I only provide group dog walks, so I take up to, but never over, six dogs. I am fully insured to do so.
  • Where do you walk?
    I walk at a selection of locations across Bath trying to give as much variety as possible. However, I do need to take into consideration each of the dogs in my care and sometimes locations are picked on suitability and safety, over adventure and variety. Cow grazing patterns, wildlife, mud, recall, individual anxieties of each dog, how busy somewhere is and the commute are all factors in choosing our walking location. Walks often take place at Primrose Woods, Shamcastle Down & woods, Pipley woods, fields in Doynton, Bannerdown common, Smallcombe woods, Bathwick fields and occasionally Browns Folly.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes. I am fully insured with Cliverton to carry out my duties.
  • Are you dog first aid trained?
    Yes, I am. I refresh my knowledge and take a dog first aid course every 3 years to keep up to date with guidance. I carry a full dog first aid kit in the van and carry a small first aid kit with me on walks.
  • Do you allow dogs off lead?
    Yes I do, but only with your signed permission. In contrast, if you wish for me to keep your dog on a lead at all times, I will abide by your wishes, without fail. When walking dogs off-lead, I always evaluate the situation based on the environment and the individual dog, If I feel the dogs safety, my or others safety is at risk, I reserve the right to keep your dog on a lead.
  • Do you walk entire males/bitches in season/puppies in your groups?
    Puppies: It is my policy not to walk puppies under 6 months of age - for manageability reasons and the risk of over-exercising which can negatively impact on puppies musculoskeletal development. Bitches in season: Unfortunately, I do not walk bitches whilst in season - due to obvious risk and liability issues. Entire males: Currently, I do not walk entire adult males due only to the common hostile reactions of existing neutered males in my groups. I will consider intact young males from 6 months of age through to adolescence. My policies are made in the interest of safety and manageability of the pack, as the above can cause over stimulation/excitement/aggression issues within a group.
  • After muddy walks - do you clean the dogs before returning them?
    I always try my best to return dogs as clean and dry as possible - baring in mind I have limited resources on walks and in the van. I have invested in a 12v dog washer to help wash off muddy dogs and have towels on hand to towel dry coats. However during the peak of winter or particularly wet days, our walks can be very wet/muddy. If you are particularly concerned about your dog or house, I would advise providing a coat/equifleece for your dog and preparing a contained area at home for your dog to return to after its walk.
  • I really want my dog to join your walks, what do I do now?
    Great - please get in touch via phone, text or email. If I have spaces available, I will arrange an initial meeting with you and your dog at home to discuss you and your dogs needs. We can have a trial walk to see that your dog is happy and suitable for walks, after the completion of some basic information forms, we are ready to start when you are.
  • I need to cancel - what do I do?
    I completely understand that things change and I try to be as flexible as possible. If you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible. I often have people waiting for spaces, so if you don't need your dog walked, it's likely I can offer the help to someone else with enough notice. However, I do charge a full cancellation fee for anything less than 24 hours notice.
  • Pet Visits - tell me more...
    Pet visits are ideal for cats to provide care during holidays, overnight trips etc. I can visit your house once or twice a day in the am or pm to feed, clean and care for your pets. Visits last up to 20 mins. Get in touch to discuss and I can arrange an initial meeting with you and your pet. Unfortunately, I know longer provide puppy visits due to lack of time with my current walking schedule. Due to the nature of dogs, pet visits do not provide adequate care for dogs who are being left alone at home overnight or for short holiday periods, but are ideal to provide toilet breaks or to feed dogs when you are away from home for a long period during the day.
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